Caravan Motor Movers

Why do you need a Caravan Mover?

Ever tried moving a caravan onto a pitch or back onto your driveway at the end of a relaxing weekend away? You will know just how strenuous and back-breaking this can be. Here at Caravan Plus, we are pleased to offer a range of caravan motor movers which will ease this difficult task, ensuring stress free manoeuvres of your caravan. Caravan movement becomes a simple, stress-free task of pushing a button with one of our caravan motor movers. Even moving your caravan on muddy or sloping ground becomes an effortless task.

It is also easier to hook up to your car when using one of our various caravan motor movers as the caravan can be driven up under complete control of yourself.

Here at Caravan Plus, we are pleased to supply a range of caravan motor movers to suit all budgets, starting at just £479. Trading solely through our online store, we are able to operate under low overheads, and as such are able to pass on these savings to yourself, offering very competitive rates compared with our competitors. We regularly rotate our special offers so please do keep checking back to see which of our caravan motor movers are on offer at bargain prices.

We are pleased to offer full warranties and after sales services on all sales of our caravan motor movers to ensure you get the most out of your purchase so please do not hesitate to take a look around our website or give us a call on 0800 298 4299 to discuss which product best suits your needs.

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